About the Contest

Wiki Loves Bangla (WLB) or Banglar Preme Wiki is an annual international photography competition around the Bangla culture and heritage, organized by Bangla WikiMoitree.

This photo competition will be held yearly on a different theme as part of WikiMoitree’s Bangla Culture and Heritage Conservation Program. The public takes photos depicting Bangla culture and heritage worldwide, uploads those to Wikimedia Commons, and then can be used in Wikipedia and elsewhere. The goal is to make the Bangla culture and heritage flourish to the worldwide public. It will be held every year in December and is organised worldwide by Wikimedia communities.


There are a few rules for photos to participate in the contest. Every submission should be:

* Self-taken and self-uploaded;
* Uploaded during the contest;
* Freely licensed;
* Should be no watermark on the image;

Next to that, there is a practical requirement:

* The participant must have an activated email address on Wikimedia Commons. No email address may result in your submissions being disqualified.